Books by Don Abney

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Canine Tracking Guide:

Training the All-Purpose Tracker

Blood trailing, tracking, and scent discrimination. Designed to aid even the most novice trainer in teaching their dog to follow a blood and/or scent trail. Takes you step by step to a working, scenting dog. The methods described in this book are the same steps used at our training facility.

  •   Includes guide to choosing the right puppy.
  •   A chapter devoted to the dog's nose and how it works.
  •   Scent and how to use and store it.
Softcover $24.95

The Abney Method to Owning a Dog

Concise, informative and full of expertise, The Abney Method to Owning a Dog is an essential resource for current and prospective dog owners alike.

A guide to choosing, owning, and caring for your dog. Includes Obedience Training, Health, Traveling, Boarding, and much more.

Hardcover $28.95


Softcover $23.95

The Complete Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog

This book contains information for the Novice, as well as the Experienced Owner and Breeder, such as: An updated breed history dating back approximately 5000 years; Historic facts on Louisiana and Indian word applications; Care; Maintenance; Mate Selection; Breeding; and much more.

Hardcover $28.95


Softcover $23.95